How SEO Works today using Google Trends – Monday 11th March

Decoding Today's Google Trends: Coffee Cravings, Political Shifts, and Sporting Spectacles!

The ever-curious web throws up fascinating search trends every day. Today, we're using SEO insights to understand why these 5 topics are spiking on Google! From a delicious coffee drink to a political move and the thrill of sports, get ready to see what has captured the world's attention on March 11th, 2024:


1. Flat White

Image of Flat white coffee
  • SEO Angle: A Google Doodle celebrating a specific food or drink can spark search interest. USA Today capitalized on this with the article “What is a ‘flat white’? Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the coffee…”. This combines the trending term “flat white” with the reason for the search surge (“Google Doodle”).

2. Chelsea vs Newcastle

Image of Chelsea vs Newcastle United football match
  • SEO Angle: Live scores and results of important matches can generate significant search traffic. Al Jazeera’s article “LIVE: Chelsea vs Newcastle United – Premier League” captures searches for both teams (“Chelsea”, “Newcastle United”) alongside the competition (“Premier League”).

3. Matalan

Image of Matalan clothing store logo
  • SEO Angle: Business news articles about major retailers, especially those concerning financial results, can lead to increased searches. Retail Gazette targets this with their article “Matalan’s cost-cutting boosted profitability ahead of investor buyout…”. This combines “Matalan” with keywords indicating financial news (“cost-cutting”, “profitability”).

4. Cheltenham races

Image of Cheltenham Festival horse racing event
  • SEO Angle: Upcoming major sporting events often lead to surges in searches, especially with news articles providing race previews and tips. uses this with their article “Cheltenham Festival day 1 guide: tomorrow’s tips, races, weather…”. This targets searches for “Cheltenham races” with details about specific aspects (“day 1 guide”, “tips”, “races”).

5. Reform UK

Image of Reform UK political party logo
  • SEO Angle: News articles about political developments, especially concerning party changes, can spark search interest. BBC News targets this with the article “Lee Anderson: Ex-Tory MP defects to Reform UK”. This combines the trending term “Reform UK” with details about a specific person (“Lee Anderson”) and the reason for the news (“defects”).

SEO plays a crucial role in how these topics trend.

By including relevant keywords and targeting search intent, these websites position themselves to be found by users looking for information on these trending topics.

The web is a dynamic landscape, and Google Trends offers a glimpse into what piques our collective curiosity. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exploration of the ever-changing search trends! What burning questions do you have today? Let us know in the comments below!

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