How SEO Works today using Google Trends – Saturday 9th March

Saturday 9th March: Today's Google Trends

Trending Today: From one ball to another.

The ever-curious web throws up fascinating search trends every day. Today, we're diving into the top 5 on Google and using SEO insights to understand why they're spiking! From upcoming sporting events in Football and Rugby.

Top 5 Google Trends Today: SEO on the News and Sports!

The internet is a vibrant tapestry woven with ever-changing search trends. Today, we’re jumping on the bandwagon to explore the top 5 trending topics on Google! From upcoming sporting events to blasts from the past and a sprinkle of breaking news, get ready to see what has the web buzzing on March 9th, 2024!

1. Six Nations

  • SEO Angle: Upcoming major sporting events often lead to surges in searches. The official website of Scottish Rugby, “Scottish Rugby”, targets this with an article titled “Fixtures Confirmed for 2025 Guinness Men’s Six Nations”. This combines the trending term “Six Nations” with keywords indicating future planning (“Fixtures Confirmed”, “2025”).

2. Man United vs Everton

  • SEO Angle: Live scores and results of important matches can generate significant search traffic. Al Jazeera’s article “Manchester United vs Everton 2-0: Premier League – as it happened” captures searches for both teams (“Man United”, “Everton”) alongside the score and competition (“2-0: Premier League”).

3. Arsenal

  • SEO Angle: Wins by major clubs often lead to surges in searches, especially from their fan base. Brentford FC’s official website uses the headline “Arsenal 2 Brentford 1” to target searches for “Arsenal” alongside the score.

4. Six Nations fixtures

  • SEO Angle: As with the first entry, fans eager for the upcoming Six Nations are driving search traffic. Scottish Rugby uses the same article (“Fixtures Confirmed for 2025 Guinness Men’s Six Nations”) to capture broader searches for “Six Nations fixtures”.

5. Scotland Rugby


The ever-evolving web keeps us guessing! What will trend tomorrow?

Stay curious and come back daily as we explore the ever-changing landscape of Google Trends. In the meantime, tell us in the comments below: What are you searching for today?

Want to know more?: Want a deeper dive into a specific trend? Let us know in the comments and we might just feature it in a future post!

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