How SEO Works today using Google Trends – Friday 8th March

Friday 8th March: Today's Google Trends

Trending Today: From Celebrating Women to Video Game Woes - What's Buzzing Online?

The internet is a living tapestry of information, constantly buzzing with new searches and trending topics. Today, we're taking a peek behind the curtain to uncover the reasons why these 5 searches are spiking on Google. From a globally celebrated day to a beloved creator and a surprise in the gaming world, let's dive in and see what has captured the web's attention on March 8th, 2024!

Top Google Trends Today: Girl Power, Gaming Woes, and a Creator Tribute!

The internet is abuzz with a diverse range of searches today, March 8th, 2024. Let’s unlock the reasons behind these trending topics using SEO magic, and see what has captured the world’s attention!

1. International Women’s Day

Image of International Women's Day celebration
  • SEO Angle: A globally recognized event like International Women’s Day naturally leads to a surge in searches. Local government websites like Cornwall Council capitalise on this with informative content titled “International Women’s Day 2024 – Cornwall Council”. This targets searches for the event name alongside relevant locations.

2. Akira Toriyama

Image of Akira Toriyama
  • SEO Angle: News articles about influential figures, especially creators, can spark search interest. BBC News article “Akira Toriyama: ‘Thank you for brightening my childhood'” targets searches for “Akira Toriyama” with keywords indicating tributes or acknowledgements.

3. International Women’s Day 2024

Image of International Women's Day celebration
  • SEO Angle: As with the previous entry, International Women’s Day is driving a significant portion of searches today. Government websites like GOV.UK target a broader audience with content titled “International Women’s Day 2024: UK Statement to the OSCE”. This targets a global audience searching for the event name alongside official pronouncements.

4. Fortnite

Image of Fortnite video game
  • SEO Angle: When popular online games experience outages, it inevitably leads to a surge in searches. Articles like “‘Fortnite’ Still Down: Epic Issues Statement On Downtime For …” by Forbes target searches for “Fortnite” alongside terms indicating the outage (“Downtime”).

5. Carlos Sainz

Image of Carlos Sainz
  • SEO Angle: Breaking news in the sporting world, especially regarding driver changes, can cause spikes in search traffic. Sky News’s article “British teenager Oliver Bearman replaces Carlos Sainz for Ferrari in …” targets searches for “Carlos Sainz” with keywords indicating the reason for the trend (“replaces”).

Stay Curious: Explore More Trending Topics tomorrow!

Overall, SEO plays a significant role in how these topics trend. By including relevant keywords and targeting search intent, these websites position themselves to be found by users looking for information on these trending topics.

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