How SEO Works today using Google Trends – Thursday 7th March

Thursday 7th March: Today's Google Trends

Why These 5 Topics Are Trending on Google Today: An SEO Analysis

SEO based in Farnham again, due to a temporary break, we will be in Farnham Surrey for the next 3-4 days,  but don't worry, we will still be delivering our top 5 trends to pick apart and see why they are trending!

Decoding Google Trends: Why These 5 Searches Are Blowing Up Today!

The internet is a vast sea of information, and every day, millions of unique searches paint a fascinating picture of what people are curious about. Today, we’re diving into the top 5 trending topics on Google and using SEO smarts to uncover the reasons behind their surge in popularity. From legendary figures to epic sporting events, get ready to see why these searches are taking the web by storm!

1. Lola Beltrán

Image of Google Doodle honoring Lola Beltrán
  • SEO Angle: A Google Doodle celebrating a prominent figure often leads to a surge in searches for that person. News outlets like The Independent capitalised on this by creating content titled “Who is Lola Beltrán: Google Doodle celebrates iconic Mexican artist”. This combines the trending search term “Lola Beltrán” with relevant keywords like “Google Doodle” and “iconic Mexican artist”.

2. Mike Tyson

Image of Mike Tyson
  • SEO Angle: Upcoming boxing matches involving famous fighters are a surefire way to generate search interest. Articles like “Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson odds are not the least bit surprising” by Cage Pages target searches for “Mike Tyson” with additional keywords like “Jake Paul” and “fight odds”.

3. Aston Villa

Image of Aston Villa football club logo
  • SEO Angle: Recent match results, especially for popular teams, can cause spikes in search traffic. The official Aston Villa website capitalises on this by publishing news articles like “Ajax 0-0 Aston Villa” to capture searches for “Aston Villa” alongside the opponent’s name (“Ajax”).

4. The Gentlemen series

Image of Gentlemen series poster
  • SEO Angle: Reviews, discussions, and new releases of popular TV shows can lead to trending searches. Vulture’s article titled “‘The Gentlemen’ Season One, Episodes One and Two” targets searches for “The Gentlemen” with keywords indicating new content (“Season One, Episodes One and Two”).

5. England vs India

Image of Cricket match between England and India
  • SEO Angle: Live sporting events, especially those involving major rivalries, drive search traffic. The Guardian’s article “India v England: fifth Test, day one – as it happened” captures searches for “England vs India” with keywords indicating live updates (“as it happened”).

Stay Curious: Explore More Trending Topics tomorrow!

Overall, SEO plays a significant role in how these topics trend. By including relevant keywords and targeting search intent, these websites position themselves to be found by users looking for information on these trending topics.

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